Free XMPP service
for secure unmonitored communications.

The freedom and privacy of our communication is most important.
We build our service because we want to communicate and explore without being called criminal.

We Live And Communicate In Shadows
Because Privacy Is Our Way Of Life.

Chat, Our Way

We don't want our communications monitored or censored. So we build our own server.


Fully modded Jabber server. Chat encryption required, with additional back-end encryption.


Extra DDOS and spam protection so you can conduct your business without interruption.

Shad0w Crew

We know how to secure shit because we know how to break shit.

Private Data Center

No interruption from law enforcement requests.

No Logging

Our chats are never logged. There is nothing to seize.

Public domains

Available Registation Domains

Enjoy free and secure registration of these hand-picked shad0w domains.


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